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Whether you want a nose ring, earring or bellybutton ring, you can count on Alliance Tattoo to provide the professional piercing services you're looking for in the Toms River, NJ area. Our knowledgeable piercers can complete a wide variety of body piercings, no matter the size or style.

Our customers expect quality and safety from our shop, which can be seen through our affiliation with the Association of Professional Piercers. APP members are well-trained on the latest safety and health protocols, promoting proper piercing education and practices.

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Top benefits of titanium piercings

Something that makes Alliance Tattoo unique is that we work with titanium piercings. We choose to use titanium because:

  • It doesn't corrode
  • It doesn't tarnish
  • It's non-allergenic
  • It doesn't react negatively to sunlight or saltwater
  • It can be anodized to produce all kinds of vibrant colors

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