Rely on our tattoo artists to make your vision a reality.



Customers can look forward to a comfortable and relaxing environment.



Our titanium anodizing process makes getting piercings safe and easy.



We're dedicated to making sure our customers are well-informed about aftercare.

Setting a New Standard

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Do you want to honor a loved one with a tattoo? Do you want to make a statement with some fun and creative piercings? With help from Alliance Tattoo, you can wear your art on your sleeve. Our talented tattoo artists in Toms River, NJ can create all kinds of custom tattoos, no matter how simple or intricate the design.

Our tattoo shop is also your go-to resource for piercings. Something that sets us apart from other piercing shops is that we work with titanium instead of surgical steel. Our titanium piercings heal easier and faster, which is perfect for people with sensitive allergies or skin conditions. Interested in permanent makeup? We also offer permanent makeup services!

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Why choose us?

Thinking of getting a tattoo or piercing? Swing by Alliance Tattoo to explore your options. Our tattoo parlor in Toms River, NJ has become a household name for many people in town. Here's what makes us the right choice for you:


We offer a warm and welcoming environment


We're the only shop in the area that anodizes our titanium


We have four tattoo artists who all specialize in something unique


We take the time to inform our customers about proper tattoo aftercare

If you have any questions about our tattoos or piercings, please don't hesitate to reach out to our tattoo parlor. We look forward to working with you.