Learn About Tattoo Aftercare in Toms River, NJ

Make Sure to Take Care of Your Tattoo or Piercing Properly

As eager as you might be to show off your new tattoo, it's essential to follow the proper tattoo aftercare practices to avoid infection or irritation. If you recently got a tattoo in Toms River, NJ, Alliance Tattoo recommends you follow our proven guidelines.

Here are our top aftercare tips for your new tattoo:

  • Don't touch the healing area without washing your hands
  • Wash the healing area three times a day with warm water and antibacterial soap
  • Apply a thin layer of Lubriderm unscented lotion after 24 hours
  • Avoid physical activities for a few days
  • Don't scratch or pick at your new tattoo

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How to take care of your new piercing

Alliance Tattoo is committed to keeping our customers safe and happy. Part of this process includes keeping you informed about proper piercing aftercare.

You can keep your new piercing from getting infected by:

  • Washing your hands thoroughly before cleaning your piercing
  • Using saline or soap to help with healing
  • Rinsing thoroughly to remove traces of soap
  • Drying the area by gently patting and cleaning it

If you have any questions about cleaning your piercing, please don't hesitate to reach out to get tips for the best piercing aftercare.